TV on the Radio Debut New Track, “Mercy”, Working on New Album

Seeing as how they usually put out a new album in 2-3 year intervals (like every other band on the planet), I figured we’d hear about some new TV on the Radio sometime soon. The band’s had a couple of odd dates here and there but there’s been no word on a when a new … Continue reading

Alex Turner Makes the Arctic Monkeys Go Acoustic, Announces Badass Gig at Hollywood Bowl

I haven’t been able to write about something good in quite a bit and since the last two posts have been downers, I feel like I’ve gotta pick up the slack. If you haven’t already, quit blowing it and pick up the Arctic Monkeys latest album Suck It and See. It’s one of the best … Continue reading

TV on the Radio Make a Movie

Fuck hiatuses, TV on the Radio are back in full force. Upon dropping their new album today, ┬áthe band also dropped a trippy movie to go along with it. Named after the album “Nine Types of Light,” the movie contains music videos for the whole album linked by the concept of being an antenna (the … Continue reading

TV on the Radio Break Hiatus, Release New Album in April

I’ve dug TV on the Radio for a good bit now. Their debut “Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes” caught my ear and got a bunch of replays through high school, especially the track “Staring at the Sun.” Then they released “Return to Cookie Mountain” and blew up like no other. While I didn’t dig the title, … Continue reading

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