Top 11 Best Films of 2017

I know it’s a bit late for 2017 lists at this point, but seeing as how the Academy Awards are tomorrow, it’s pretty much the definitive end of “what were the best films of 2017” season, isn’t it? And likewise, I think there’s some benefit to waiting until the last minute to release lists. One … Continue reading

REVIEW: Twin Peaks, Tweens, & Penicillin Baby at the Stone Fox

After the disappointment that was the Olivia Jean show at Grimey’s, I needed some actual rock n roll to revitalize my faith in the genre. Luckily, the main event of the night was already set in motion: the youngin’s from Chicago known as Twin Peaks had just pulled into town along with those other youngin’s … Continue reading

Twin Peaks Release Rolling Papers and a Video for “I Found a New Way”

First off, hey, I’m back. Sorry it’s been a bit but did you really think I was going to quit this? C’mon now. I couldn’t leave you guys to get your music news and tunes from those other boring Nashville blogs and still sleep well at night. That’s just not the Christian thing to do. Secondly, … Continue reading

Twin Peaks Play Mercy Lounge Tonight

I mentioned this the last time I wrote these dudes up, but I figured I’d give ya another heads up cause…well, I know how it is. Kids these days are so preoccupied with their own needless shit and with their attention spans dwindling faster than their IQ points, it helps to have more than one … Continue reading

Twin Peaks Drop New Single, Return to Nashville in May

My experience with this band is a bit unusual. Until very recently, I’ve only known of them cause my buddy Adam of Bad Cop is putting out this single. The one time I was going to give their music a chance was at the house show that they had set up a few weeks back … Continue reading

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