Jacuzzi Boys Actually Return with Ping Pong

Can garage rock really go any further in 2016? It doesn’t seem like it as even the figureheads of the revival have started to branch out. Ty Segall dropped his guitar and became a frontman for this last tour cycle. The Growlers made a disco record. And Thee Oh Sees, who I’ve compared to cocaine … Continue reading

Ty Segall Drops Video for “Manipulator,” Plays Mercy Lounge Tonight

You’ve undoubtably heard the buzz about Ty Segall’s new LP, Manipulator. Hell, he could probably puke in a bag and that would probably get a decent buzz as well amongst the kids who are still strung out on that garage rock schtick. While that made me less than excited to hear the new album, hearing … Continue reading

Watch Ty Segall’s Set At Coachella Featuring New Songs and a Brief Cameo from Blake of “Workaholics”

The 1st weekend of the California music festival Coachella has come and gone already.  I used to think I really wanted to go, but with the past two years of line ups being a bit lackluster, it looks like I’ll never face the day when I get to pay for high priced water and watch … Continue reading

Thoughts on Ty Segall’s Latest LP, “Sleeper”

I’m gonna stop apologizing for being absent on this a lot. I know it seems like I’m the deadbeat dad who never pays child support but shows up during the holidays to eat free grub and forget your name & presents, but in layman’s terms, I’ve got shit to do. Besides if anyone really wants … Continue reading

Ty Segall Prepares New LP, “Sleeper,” Release Video for Fuzz

How could you not know this was coming? Despite the supposed drop in rate of productivity (and the year’s not over, so we can’t confirm this for sure yet), it was obvious that it was about time Ty to drop some new information on his next album. It looks like today (or 2 days ago … Continue reading

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