Western Medication Debut “Reflections of the Sun”

After some down time, it looks like the dudes in Western Medication are trying to make sure we all know they are still alive. First, it was their brilliant video for “Problems in D.C.” that made its debut a few weeks ago. Then out of nowhere, they announced AND released a new single yesterday, called … Continue reading

Western Medication Debut Video For “Problems in DC”

Finally! I’ve been waiting on this video for a good bit. It seems that JLando and co. have finally finished the video for their shit-kicking song “Problems in DC.” The song is off their EP,┬áThe Painted World, that debuted earlier this year. With that said, the song is good, but the video is fucking great. … Continue reading

Western Medication Debut “The Painted World” Video

Forever and a day later, the dudes in Western Medication have finally dropped the new video for “The Painted World.” I’ve written about the song a bunch already (if you haven’t caught the drift, it’s fucking tits) but the video might be the deal sealer. I had heard about it for weeks, with Justin and … Continue reading

Western Medication Release Party

So this popped up pretty quickly. A few days after Western Medication released their first music video for “Big City” (and promised a few more to come, including a sick one for “Painted World,” but more on that later), they have announced a release party this Saturday for their debut 7-inch, also called┬áThe Painted World. … Continue reading

Western Medication Debut “Big City” Video

Talk about hitting the ground and running. Western Medication is barely a year old yet, but with a 7″ due in a few weeks, they’re giving us a preview of what’s to come. I already wrote about “Big City” a few months ago, but now, we have a more polished version of it along with … Continue reading

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